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Personal Movement Ritual

Through a discussion where we identify the key aspects you desire to put more emphasis on in your life, we will create a personalized movement ritual for you. By taking 10-15 minutes to dance your ritual each day, you will infuse your intellectual and emotional learning into your body, feeling the higher vibration of what you want to create in every cell in your body. The more you are able to sustain and expand your reclaimed feelings of balance and joy, the easier it will be to make decisions that are in energetic alignment with your desires.

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1. It is easier to control your behavior than your emotions – in fact, your behavior influences your emotions. If you feel yourself stuck in a negative mental loop or a strong pattern that keeps repeating, it is easier to process through movement than it is to force yourself to change through your mental will or analysis.

2. Your epiphanies in life will not serve you by their simple occurrence, but in the way that you apply them to your daily life. A personalized movement ritual gives you a structure to fully embody and infuse your cells in the new behaviors and understanding so you can integrate it fully.

Your daily habits create your life. Doing a 10–15-minute personalized movement ritual everyday will bring more attention to what you truly want to create in your life, expanding both your gratitude for what already is and ability to receive your desires.

Vanessa is available for individual sessions in-person and online.


Mindful Movement Gatherings

Explore working together in times of transition; weddings, bachelorette gatherings and other significant life events. Open yourself up to being held in ways that honor the joy of possibility.

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Somatic Movement Session

Do you find yourself feeling tense, unable to rest, stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed? Support your nervous system with a 30-minute virtual movement session and learn techniques you can use anywhere at any time to help regulate your nervous system. $25 for a 30-minute virtual session or in-person. 

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