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Qoya is Wise, Wild and Free

So Are You!

Learn to trust the sensation of truth in your body

Qoya Inspired Movement is a body positivity movement practice founded by goddess and guru, Rochelle Schieck, and based on the idea that through movement, you remember your essence is WISE, WILD & FREE. 


Wise, Wild and Free also draw reference to the movements embodied in a Qoya class. Wise: calls on the wisdom of the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, breathwork, contemplation and stillness, Wild: invokes creative expression through free dance, and Free: expands your capacity to enjoy your body through intuitive movement. 

It's impossible to do it wrong; and the way you know you’re doing it right is that it FEELS right and true.

What is Qoya?

Qoya Inspired Movement is a fusion of meditation, yoga, free-form dance and intuitive movement. The movement practice has a focus on the connection between mind, body, heart and soul aligning with the healing forces of nature. Qoya offers an invitation to turn your attention inward to a place of listening awareness. Through the movement, you remember your essence is wise, wild and free.


Qoya Inspired Movement is an invitation to access your radiance through an emergent body positivity movement. 


By following the physical sensation of truth in your body, you are guided and empowered back to feeling more like yourself.


No prior movement experience is needed and there are no levels. Classes range from 60-90 minutes.


Wear clothes that are easy to move in, bring water to drink and an open heart!


If I go to a class, what should I expect?

You can expect music, guided movement, respectful space, optional sharing, inspiration, kindness, reflection, FUN and to leave feeling more empowered and enlivened than when you began.


Join me online or in-person!


Community Classes

Join Vanessa for Qoya classes and workshops. Visit the classes page for current events.

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Private Mindful Movement Gatherings

Private group sessions are a meaningful way to connect and gather with friends and family to celebrate your special day, or for a super fun, unique and health-centered bachelorette gathering.


Individual Personal Movement Rituals

Private individual sessions are a way to dive deeper into your journey of self-discovery.


I'm Vanessa and Qoya Inspired Movement has been therapeutic, transformative and healing for me.



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